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Finding and purifying water--even when there are no streams or lakes nearby. Building and using fire for cooking, signaling, warmth and making tools. Identifying and cooking wild edible plants.

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Building Gale's famous twitch-up snares. Peeta's camouflage techniques. Katniss's hunting and stalking skills. Making your own survival bow and arrows and other tools. The materials you need to create a forage bag like Katniss's. You have to keep your skill levels up and this includes fire building and all aspects of survival. Have always wanted more time to inhanse the skills me already has, and learn more about the area I am in for each part of the country, the world is different.

Hopefully the chapter on hydration does include some info on how to purify the water you find. Is the book written for young adults? If so, awesome. YAs ie, teens tend to get scared or intimidated by survival books written for adults — a YA version would be a great way to get them started thinking about being prepared. From the books, I do like that the use of herbs and alternative healing methods are shown in a positive light.

IE, when Gayle was whipped, using snow packs to reduce the inflammation and numb the pain.

Book Review (and giveaway): The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

Not many people would think of that. Survival Mentality is, I think, the most important skill to have. Everything else just follows. As far as one of the skills in the movies, I would like to become much better at archery. I have not read any of the books so not sure if it is mentioned but I would really like to learn how to build and use snares for trapping. I loved the Hunger Games because it really got you thinking about the importance of being self reliant. Since first hearing about it, I have not been able to get out of my mind the desire to learn to use a cross bow.

I have been researching them both on line and in stores and figure that son I will have enough saved to buy one. My daughter already picked up love of Archery from the books, this should boost her existing interest in survival even more. What I can eat, what would poison me, what I can use as medicine. Awesome this came up though.

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Re-read the first Hunger Games as a refresher before reading Catching Fire in anticipation of going to see the movie. I look down this valley. Where do I go? Look for a feeder stream? Set up camp on the sunny side of the hill? Find a spot where I have good visibility in all degrees? Look for well-used animal trails and signs for food availability? A survival skill I never hear mentioned is how to tunnel underground without disturbing the surface or having a cave in that traps you. I have always wanted to know how to do this. In my Physical Education classes I have been exploring the idea of teaching a survival class.

From I movie hunger games, I would like to also teach my students the art of building survival tools. I have a long way to go before I can introduce this, but, with-in a few years I would like to have the skills for this to become a reality. I am currently making a blow gun and darts. I would like to get good enough with it to hunt small game.

The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide Review and Giveaway!

I was glad to see the poison berries in the Hunger Games. I poured through the Hunger Games series, fun read. I am constantly trying to get my girls to at least think about skills ranging from water procurement to situational awareness. I will have to pick up this book for my daughters since they loved the books and movie. The skill that I need to improve on is trapping.

Passive hunting is a game changer when calories and time are low. Thanks for the heads-up on the book. As a Scout leader for years now, I know fire is at the top of the list of skills. Always have more than one technique in your basket of skills.

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Persevere, and remember to keep your cool. Hi, Thanks for doing this.

The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

Personally, I could benefit from the first aide, field medicine components. Thanks, C. I really appreciate your work and share with several conacts nationally. My skill is survival structures and wilderness shelters. I have incorporated your techniques into my tool bag and readily share with others via Hootsuite. Thanks for the review.

Probably the use of snares and preparation of wild edibles and cooking them to make them palatable. As a long time avid archer, The Hunger Games helped to refocus a lot of attention on archery as a sport and life skill. As to the survival guide, refreshing my avoid and evade skills was what I really liked to focus on as a skill to practice.

My dad was a career AF Sgt. The other basics survival skills are second nature to me, from shelters, water sources, foraging, etc.

But then, as former law enforcement officer, I win has always been my favorite game of all!! I have hunted for years but do not know how to snare animals.

Learning to snare is my summer project. When my kids started reading the Hunger Games, I did too. I think having the survival mindset and some abilities is most important. I would love to learn methods of water purification and plant identification. I am new to prepping, so I pretty much need to learn everything. I would like to learn more about plant and mushroom ID.

And how to use the poisonous ones as well as the safe ones. I really like your site and your e-mails that I receive.

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