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She Makes It Look Easy: A Novel [Marybeth Whalen] on trodsinlinawo.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ariel Baxter has just moved into the neighborhood.
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Then other outcast boys offer to pay Olive to improve their images while Olive's reputation degrades. When Olive loses control of the situation, she needs to take an attitude to revert it. The plot has flaws and some attitudes of Olive are unreasonable. Despite this remark, I loved this film, mainly because the sensual Emma Stone and her sexy voice. My vote is seven.


I think this is one of the best movies of the decade. Emma Stone is awesome and such a great actress. The story is impressive and super truthful to American's high school current reality. The Story: Olive Penderghast is a normal high school student just trying to "blend in the crowd". At some part, she says she lost her virginity to a boy in community college and everyone starts to call her a "dirty skank". Then, she starts dressing like one and pretending to have sex for money.

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This girl just wants to find true love but anybody would ask her out. The movie ends in a high note with a precious lesson: don't worry about what the others say about you. Just live your life. Such a great movie. I do really recommend it. Saw Easy A tonight.

It's pretty average. It's a film that had multiple references to classic 80's Brat Pack flicks, and so that raises it above the standard teen movies. Older audiences will get the 80s references more than the younger ones. There's quite a few laughs to be had, and some snappy dialogue. The basic idea of the film is good a re-working of The Scarlett Letter, which the film unashamedly references and possibly over-references. However, the main problems are ultimately fundamental flaws in the script. Olive the smoking hot Emma Stone is too cool. She's too self- assured, and too smart.

It doesn't have the authenticity of teen life, unlike Mean Girls which had it in spades. Olive wasn't the cynical outsider the role called for; she was the confident adult narrator. Films that portray the hero coming out stronger at the end work for a reason, but the character was the same throughout.

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The end of the film is a love story and fixes everything in only a few scenes, but it's tacked on, and felt contrived. The core of the film is the 'Scarlett Letter' concept, and it's a clever concept, but it kind of got muddled anywhere outside that. Olive's character didn't really suffer any great despair at least the drew any empathy , so the ending where she miraculously found love in about 5 minutes was more a marriage of convenience than one of passion.

Overall, it was a strong film. Very confident, witty and well-paced. At the end though, it was just souless. No real losses or triumphs, no character development. Olive was just as smart and self-confident at the beginning as she was at the end. The audience didn't cheer Olive through the rough times because there weren't any that felt rough. We didn't really care that she hooked up with a decent guy at the end, as that subplot was woefully malnourished and not given any real development time.

It could have been the next Clueless or Mean Girls, but kind of wasted it's potential. Worth seeing if there'e not much else on, and definitely worth seeing for Emma Stone in tiny blue shorts. Forget all that stuff about bringing the Scarlet Letter into modern times. It's noise. Pay attention to the fact that, despite the major success of this film, Emma Stone who was technically in her 20s when this was filmed and therefore "playing younger" has no aspirations to become a teen idol nor get her own Disney show.

What makes this film special -- aside from a script to die for and a superb portrayal by Stone, showing no strain whatsoever under the burden of dual duty, that is, both acting and doing a first person narrative, like Bogey in a filme noire -- is the simple fact that Stone will not be reprising this role or anything similar in either her lifetime or yours.

She Makes It Look Easy : A Novel by Marybeth Whalen (2011, Paperback)

And that is special. That's makes this film not only a one-of but also one of the best "smart comedies" ever, irregardless of age or audience. Just imagine the teenage life we have seen in Clueless, 10things I hate about you and Mean Girls. Easy A is certainly a major step ahead in the life of vivacious and nowadays teenager's life. Besides the intelligent and brilliant cast, what makes Easy A more effective is its dialogues and storyline.

Emma Stone proved that she was meant to do this role; she is witty, charming, funny and incredibly sweet. Emma Stone certainly stole the show and with help of some incredible young and some veterans supporting cast, she rocked it! Amanda Bynes did a fine job. Aly Michalka was great, she was so blunt and outspoken, loved it. Dan Bryd is a great comedian, In Cougar Town and now in the movie he proved that this kid can make you laugh Big time. Cam Gigandet is Hot as Always. Now let talks about some veterans supporting cast in t he movie, I think it's the first time such big actors have works have worked in a teenage movie, where they have few scenes.

Bravo for Will Gluck for convincing them to do the movie. I think everyone would love to have parents like that, I wish they make a movie with these characters again some time, they were simply amazing. Thomas Hayden Church did a good job. Overall Easy A one of the best and intelligent movies of , leave the teenage genre it's for everyone. Enjoy it!

Sherazade 25 June Yeah it was pretty bad and hopelessly overrated too, I just watched it then came online immediately to comment. It's now a classic like the greater movies of the same genre from the 70s and 80s. Too much of it was far-fetched and unbelievable. That high school was more like a resort than a school and none of the kids looked like teenagers, they all looked like super-duper seniors.

I respect Aly Mischalka for taking such a blink and you'll miss her role, I would be embarrassed too if I had been presented with such a lame script about nothing that addresses and resolves nothing. Pretty girl can't get dates so she pretends to be a floozy to get the attention of all the guys in her school Nothing new here people, same script, different cast.

I first saw this movie a couple of weeks ago at a friends house. I didn't think it looked good enough to wait ten dollars on at the movie theater, and so glad I didn't. First of all this would never happen in high school, teachers and faculty would never allow it. I know Olive was trying to dress like a slut but maybe she could have found some cuter slutty clothes. Word does travel fast around school about rumors. But people really don't care that much about someone's sex life. The movie was way too exaggerated on the scenes with the rumors.

One thing i did like was the little surprise that Mrs. Griffith was sleeping with the student Micah. Emma Stone is very cute and she tries hard, but there is only so much juice you can squeeze out of a dried-up lemon of a script. I don't normally watch modern teen comedies, in fact almost never, but a very good cast a rarity these days attracted me to this movie, and by that I mean Emma Stone and the adult i. I should have known better. I understand that this is just a mindless teen comedy, but even the lowest-common denominator genres have to subscribe to some level of basic logic and ground rules.

And yet Stone is the only one that gets sent to the principle's office.


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Right off the bat Stone is presented to us as a teen of above-average intelligence which admittedly isn't saying much. In fact, as is typical in these movies, she is given lines of a middle-aged man with 5 university degrees, AND she is full of 5-cent movie "wisdom". And yet she agrees to the gay guy's preposterous plea to pretend to have sex with him even though that would clearly only make her phony reputation as an easy lay even worse.

She Makes it Look Easy

We were given to understand that Emma wasn't enjoying that reputation too much, so why the decision? The reason: just so the writer of this lame script could advance his shaky plot. The poor sap couldn't think of a logical way of doing this, so he chose an illogical plot-device.