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Performance and Popular Music: History, Place and Time Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., - Music - pages . Ashgate popular and folk music series.
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Sound moves in all directions…. The descending movement can be understood as a way of describing the process of developing, through a repetition that may well become ritualized, an emotional loyalty to something that starts out as a social commitment—internalizing the peace-building ambition.

And the rising movement can similarly be understood as the inexorable pressure that a fully committed, mobilized grassroots community can exert on a wider population—regional, national, or international—a bending of the discourse to the demands of the grassroots in the same way that the expanding, enveloping musical note arising from the bowl captures the attention of people in the audience who may not have been giving the performance their full attention. Tracey Nicholls Email: tracey.

Music and Social Justice Protests demanding social justice as the alternative to an unacceptable status quo have been mounted in response to war, political and social inequality, poverty, and other constraints on economic and development opportunities. Musical Traditions Social transformation effected through music—so-called Peace through Art—is an approach that has been under-theorized.

Origins and Impacts of Blues and Jazz One of the most influential historians of the blues is Amiri Baraka who, writing as Leroi Jones in his first book Blues People , explores the African-American experience of the nation through music.

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Folk Music, Rock Music, and Protest Songs The protest songs of folk music have a long history of engagement with social justice struggles for abolition of slavery, universal suffrage, and other human rights agendas, but really began to assert their power during the unionization drives emerging out of the industrialization of wealthy societies. Post-industrial Musical Contestation: Disco, Punk, and Hip-hop The music that accompanied industrial decline in Western industrialized nations—notably the United States and the United Kingdom—articulated two distinct responses to the foreclosure of empowerment and idealism that the counterculture of the s had nurtured.

Contemporary Protest As noted in the previous section, much of the protest of injustice that is expressed musically in the early 21 st century is done so through hip-hop. Communal and Community-based Music Making in Democratic States One of the most inspiring instances of music expressing the ethos to which a community aspires can be found in the response of the Norwegian people to the shocking mass murder committed in the summer of by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.

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Building Social Solidarity against Neo-liberalism While the Norwegian example demonstrates the expression of shared existing values, music also has considerable constructive power. Confrontations with Authoritarian Regimes Even when there is no existing or emergent solidarity, there is still a role for music in social protests. Academic Attention to Music-Politics Links For all of the time in which music has played an integral role in movements for social progress, it is only recently that academic theorizing has begun to take notice of these links.

References and Further Reading Attali, Jacques. Noise: The Political Economy of Music. Brian Massumi. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, A history of the interplay of music and political life. Baraka, Amiri [Leroi Jones].

A classic text in African-American cultural studies. BBC America. A television report on Pussy Riot performances. Born, Georgina and David Hesmondhalgh. Berkeley: University of California Press, A collection of essays on difference and culture-crossing in global musical exchanges.

Bourdieu, Pierre. Richard Nice.

Performance and Popular Music: History, Place and Time - CRC Press Book

A sociological rebuttal of philosophy of art that identifies an attitude of disinterest as the mark of aesthetic appreciation. Clibbon, Jennifer. An interview with three cultural commentators on the historical context and current significance. Daley, Mike. Jimi Hendrix: Woodstock Festival, August 18, Ian Inglis.

Hampshire UK: Ashgate, An essay on how this iconic performance shaped the development of popular music. Gates, Jr.

New York: Oxford UP, A scholarly survey of the culturally-distinct communicative practices shaping African-American artistic production. Kofsky, Frank. Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music. New York: Pathfinder, A history of the free jazz movement of the s and its socio-political commitments. New York: Oxford University Press, An account of peace-building in conflict zones through local musical traditions.

Margolick, David. Format: Hardback. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

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Performance and Popular Music: History, Place And Time (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series)

Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary Since the emergence of rock'n'roll in the early s, there have been a number of live musical performances that were not only memorable in themselves, but became hugely influential in the way they shaped the subsequent trajectory and development of popular music. Each, in its own way, introduced new styles, confronted existing practices, shifted accepted definitions, and provided templates for others to follow.