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Kein Entrinnen: Roman (German Edition) eBook: Romain Sardou, Hanna van Laak: Kindle Store.
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Report to your district commands! Mobile pay plus 5 marks, free board and lodging. Germany must live even if we must die. Join the local militia] Image of a fraternity student with the characteristic hat and ribbon decoration across the chest, wearing a suit and looking to his right and his right outstretched hand; behind him is an image of a man — in the distance — reaching toward him EtBauer Propaganda Stuttgart 93 x Otherwise your children will starve] Image is a full-length depiction of a baby protectively holding a red flag 99 x Curiosity is fatal!

Do you have relatives or friends in the United States? They can help you! In the upper left, an oversized John Bull holds a large ship and a small German man holds a small ship. In the upper right, a German man kneels to launch toy submarines into a lake, where they sink toy ships. In the lower left, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George and John Bull look shocked as they read from a piece of paper which points out Britain's lack of merchant shipping.

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In the lower right, Lloyd George gives a speech in the House of Commons. November 51 x 64 GER 51 Zeichne!

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Five percent German Imperial Loan securities Country folk, make use of Youth Aid. Youths, help your Fatherland Kahle Red Cross Help the Prisoners!

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Koll H. The worthy soldiers who pass through Berlin on their journey home, after severe privation, must be given support - remit money to the Soldiers' Council Assistance - the Berlin command will use it to give assistance to the needy! Speed is essential!

All give and give generously for our German fellow countrymen, who had to abandon everything! Krain Anton Bertinetti, Berlin, Germany Germans, don't forget us! Foundation for the widows and orphans of deceased Krefeld servicemen] Image is a silhouette depiction of Saint George slaying a dragon with a lance P.

War Exhibition. Stuttgart May-September…] Image of a German Imperial eagle perched on an oversized sword driven into a hillock; at the foot of the hillock a man and a woman plough and sow; a large flame leaps from behind the sword; a factory occupies the background left; text flanked by two Red Cross symbols Cissarz M.

Performed by the whole band of the 4th Minethrowers' Battalion, on leave from the field,…] Image of a German military band playing beside a huge mortar; an artilleryman stands by the barrel preparing to fire the gun. Exhibition in Breslau October …] Image of a number of factories, with smoke rising from their chimneys; in the background, a church and a palace are visible A. Santho 61 x To dealers and breeding associations. The Army needs them! The profile closest to the viewer is of a young, unclothed woman with her hair up. Her profile extends to almost midway down the breast and her features are delicate.

She appears either largely emotionless or cold and detached. The profile behind her is of a garishly unattractive man. The man is also nude and visible to about halfway down the breast. He does not appear to have any hair and his nose takes up the majority of his face which, as well as his oversized lips, seem to imply a sort of happiness that he is feeling.

The man's eyes are closed, and his skin appears to be of a darker color. Above the circle containing the images are two swastikas.

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One is on each side above the image. The whole image is in black and white and gives the impression of a charcoal drawing. Will you escape this fate, so decide National Democratic Party of Germany! Will you allow Spartakus to tear down your churches? Answer on election day! Bavarian People's Party…. Text: Christian people! Bavarian People's Party. Image of a huge, muscular, nude figure in a Roman helmet tearing down the towers of Munich's Frauenkirche; in the background is a blue-and-white checkered pattern representing the Bavarian flag Bayerische Volkspartei 99 x 72 GER Der Wahlsturm fegt durch's Land!

Bavarian blue and white against Russian red! Resist Them!

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Unite against him in the U. Schmidt E. Nister, Nuremburg, Germany Mehrheitspartei x Anyone providing information that helps recover missing army property will be rewarded. German Communist Party! We will continue to be Slesvigers therefore voting German.

Slesvig is the Danish spelling of Schlesvig A. Eckener Aug. Westphalen, lith. In order for these agitators to satisfy their hunger for power, the innocent people of Berlin will have misery and downfall….

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  • Berlin, you know what that means? Berlin has come to rest again! Don't tolerate it! Only the National Assembly protects the German Reich from collapse. The pots below are full of the weight of gold. Pull your plough and dig them to the light! Therefore, no earnings and a bad atmosphere!

    Outside, there is good plentiful food and work. Therefore, good earnings and a good atmosphere! Apply to the nearest Employment Agency!

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    Transport disruptions lead to starvation! Final Journey] Image of an ocean with massive waves and a silhouette of a sailboat. Bauer Propaganda Stuttg. Christmas donation for children of unemployed persons of Hamburg — Alton] Image of a mother and her child huddled together under a blanket; in the background is a big pine tree, in silhouette; snow is falling I took iron for honor.

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    Bring your gold jewelry to the gold purchasing centers! Give your boundary donation. Von Hindenburg] [Text is a quote written in Von Hindenburg's own hand. By remittance from account to account. Every remittance, every cheque reduces banknote circulation and strengthens the German monetary economy. Therefore: open an account with your bank, savings bank, cooperative bank, community giro bank or the post office, pay in all the unneeded cash — you yourself will benefit to the utmost.

    Ploutka A. Wohlfeld, Magdeburg, Germany Red Cross 73 x Collect women's hair! Wohlfeld, Magdeburg, Germany Red Cross We need books. Give money! Koll Red Cross 86 x Without coal, hardship! Subscribe to the war loan. Lunkebain Art. Walch Ch. Seitz, Mannheim, Germany 9th War Loan 99 x Georgi Kriegsanleihe x Cassandra Clare.