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Sensi seeds re-released the G13 x Hash Plant genetics in under the name Mr Nice, a tribute to the famed international cannabis smuggler and author Howard Marks. G13 x Hash Plant responds best to intense lighting and heavy feeding regimes, also doing great in Sea of Green set up. This pure indica strain is fast-flowering, usually being ready for harvest in 8 weeks time. Legend has it that G13 was part of a line of Afghani indicas being tested at a government research facility in Missouri, and was deemed the most desirable expression out of the 24 tested named G1-G Critical Kush.

Phenotypes vary in growth traits, some will grow taller while others stay short and squat.

Best bet is to find a good mother for cloning. However, not all Critical Kush phenos will produce this well of a yield.

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Outdoors this strain requires a dry, low-humidity climate to bud in. Therapeutic, body-focused, heavy indica stone. Critical Kush is a high yielding dank indica strain perfect for growing indoors. Bubba Kush. Since then, Bubba Kush has gained massive popularity in the U. Before , the Bubba Kush strain was clone-only, and was later re-bred for cannabis seeds. Some seed companies offer the pre Bubba Kush in seed form that represents the earlier version more closely. Bubba Kush is an easy-to-grow plant that performs exceptionally well indoors under all cultivation methods.

Outdoors, large bushes of dense Bubba Kush buds will need to be kept dry and be provided good airflow. Classic sleepy indica effects: lethargy, relaxation and hunger. This strain does great grown outdoors in Oregon. Afgooey grows like a bush and sucks up lots of nutes and light.


This red-eyed heavy indica strain is good for sleep and relaxing. Thick, resinous indica dank buds that yield high both indoors and outdoors. Grand Daddy Purp. The latter parent pushing the normally slow, low-yield purple genetics into a new commercial-level high-yield strain. The purple color bleeds into Grand Daddy Purp during late flowering.

Sometimes outdoor growers are not able to get the purple buds they want, due to the warm climate they are finishing GDP in. A surprisingly mold resistant, hardy plant. GDP buds are covered in shiny trics, reeking of some magical candy dankness.

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Greasy sci-fi nuggets that give a heavy-indica stone great for fun, relaxing and sleep. Very strong flavor that dominantes the competition. Blue Cheese. This strong indica-dominant hybrid produces compact light-green buds on very, very stinky plants. Cheese, a special Skunk 1 phenotype. The female U.

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Blue Cheese plants make quite thick stems and fat buds form on them. These chunky indicas can handle a heavy feeding schedule. Good mold resistance when grown outdoors in Hawaii. These stinky indica buds reek though the bag, and get bought up quick by cannabis enthusiasts.

Blue Cheese gives a quick-hitting indica body-high with a narcoty, sleep-inducing edge. Master Kush. Originating as a hybrid of two landrace Hindu Kush indicas, Master Kush is a healthy grower that makes solid citrusy dense buds. Master Kush is easy to grow and breeds well with others. This heavy producer of dense indica cannabis buds can really shine given healthy amounts of nutrients and lighting. Master Kush is a hardy strain that deals with mold issues better than most indica strains do. Nevertheless, keeping these buds dry is recommended for optimum results. A strong indica stone with good smooth flavor and strength.

Effects the body in a narcotic, sleepy way. CBD Nordle. A strong grower during vegetative cycle. This strain gets real deal purple during late flowering. Outdoors, keep dry, aerated and clean for best results. CBD Nordle is a easy smoke, not paranoid inducing, which may make it good for those anxious stoners. For real-deal medicinal herb cultivators, test each individual female pheno for CBD levels. Sensi Star. A happy, enjoyable stone. Aurora Indica. These dense buds are loaded with resin, and gives stoners a calm, relaxed high. Seeds sprout quickly. Aurora Indica, a relatively short predominantly-indica plant, forms a gigantic main cola typical of other Afghani indica strains.

Outdoors, Aurora Indica plants can grow up to 8 feet tall and get a hard, solid bud structure. A very appealing aroma.

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The stone is full-body indica style, great for that sedating, calming effect. Lots of large bud colas. Common knowledge is that Afghani and Purple Thai genetics are what made the Blueberry strain. This strain can grow monster outdoors. Indoors, growers prefer maximizing light penetration using bending, fimming or pruning techniques. Although, the right selected phenotypes of Blueberry can yield large amounts on potent, hardy plants. Dense, solid, quite sticky buds. An uplifting, energetic but still indica effect.

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The Thai genetics help in stimulating the mind, while the Afghani slams the body. Good for bubble hash as well. This high-yielding version of the strain is a preffered plant for many medical cannabis growers. This stocky indica-dominant hybrid is easy to grow from seed. Bubblelicious plants have sharp leaves that turn yellow during flowering. Outdoors Bubblelicious plants can be given a long vegetative cycle in order to get these plants big.

Fairly mold resistant.

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Energetic, slighlty psychedelic high for an indica dominant variety. A landrace cannabis variety originating from the Hindu-Kush mountain range, Afghan Kush is the definitive red-eyed, dry-mouth, lethargic stone munchies weed. A vigorous, stocky plant that produces well. Deep indica hash flavors when smoked. At 27, and with only a few months in the limelight, she is patently new to the fame game. She seems nervous at first, answering my questions in short bursts and fiddling with her glasses; but gradually she relaxes as we discuss what for her has been the central passion of her life since an infant.

She was brought up in the Minnesota countryside on the outskirts of Blooming Prairie about 15 miles north of Austin. Her parents divorced when she was young, money was tight and there was no cable TV to wallow in. I would go to the library, or get books at rummage sales. I got through them so quickly I started reading adult books because they were longer. I remember my mom giving me a box set of five books to last me all summer; I devoured them all in two weeks. It was a way, she now thinks, of coping with the depression that troubled her childhood. There wasn't a reason for it, I just was. I was sad and morose.

I cried a lot, I wrote a lot, and I read a lot; and that was how I dealt with it. What went in had to come out.