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In the bosom is holding Ivan, with his such short distance, her present head early stopped revolving. But Ginny has a dream does not think that Ivan will turn into a black cat to enter own room unexpectedly. No matter how looked that this to Ginny explained own bosom cat is not Crookshanks is more relaxed.

Knew about Hermione's by her, if not Ivan has made anything to her, she possibly is not this present this appearance. She thinks that Christmas day in Diagon Alley, oneself and Ivan kisses, at that time probably bumped into. Because closely was grasped suddenly by Hermione, Ivan struggles hurriedly, extends diligently from the Hermione bosom the head. He is the black cat shape, head is now upward, the small claw makes an effort to press down forward.

From bottom to top, looks at the Hermione's chin and profile, Ivan felt that she especially charming, is especially attractive. She felt that she could not follow the Ginny mentality, toward this had not looked while Ginny that she makes an effort to push Ivan outward. The door opened, so long as Ivan runs while this opportunity, can not need to be worried that was discovered by Ginny.

However Ivan actually does not want to leave at this time, dialog unexpected interest between girls. Ivan does not pretend immediately the Hermione's meaning, he closely hangs on the Hermione's night clothes. Because the sound is too small, Ivan simply has not heard clearly Hermione to say anything again. The convulsion passes to following the ear downward, Ivan felt oneself lost the strength all of a sudden, soft lying above. In the Christmas day, in the castle will conduct scale grand ball, everyone needs a dance partner.

Compared with Ginny of little girl, Cho Chang Autumn of fifth grade is really more attractive, she was very say nothing of attractive.

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The meaning of however in the words hiding, makes the Ivan whole body fine hair stand erect immediately. The ambiguous aura vanishes in an instant, under the Hermione gaze, Ivan felt suddenly is a little cold. He did not prepare to stay here, since the topic shifted to oneself on, continued to treat again is draws fire obviously. In him behind, Hermione facial color complex looks vanishes gradually Ivan that the complexion arrives at the pinnacle red, does not know that is thinking anything.

To be continued. Enter your email address that you used to register. Jesus thus affirms that we have two births, necessitating two mothers, and John the Baptist adds that we must have two baptisms. The fiery soul of man is housed in a tenement of flesh and matter which is seven-eighths water by actual composition!

Now man is distinctly a creature compounded of two natures, a higher and a lower, a spiritual and a sensual, a divine and a human, a mortal and an immortal, and finally a fiery and a watery, conjoined in a mutual relationship in the organic body of flesh. Says Heraclitus: "Man is a portion of cosmic fire, imprisoned in a body of earth and water. That is the truest basic description of man that anthropology can present. All problems spring from that foundation and are referable for solution back to it.

Man is, then, a natural man and a god, in combination. Our natural body gives the soul of man its baptism by water; our nascent spiritual body is to give us the later baptism by fire! We are born first as the natural man; then as the spiritual. Or we are born first by water and then by fire. Of vital significance at this point are two statements by St. Paul : "That was not first which is spiritual, but that which is natural"; and, "First that which is natural, then that which is spiritual. Evolution will thus transform him, and nothing else will. Using astrological bases for portraying cosmic truths, the ancients localized the birth of the natural man in the zodiacal house of Virgo and that of the spiritual man in the opposite house of Pisces.

These then were the houses of the two mothers of life. Virgo gave man his natural birth by water and became known as the Water-Mother; Pisces the Fishes by name gave him his birth by the Fish and was denominated the Fish-Mother. The virgin mothers are all identified with water as symbol and their various names, such as Meri, Mary, Venus born of the sea-foam , Tiamat, Typhon and Thallath Greek for "sea" are designations for water.

Paul as "the Lord from heaven. There must now be brought out an unrevealed significance of the fish symbol in the zodiac and in mythical religion.

It is of astonishing import. Water is the type of natural birth because all natural birth proceeds in and from water. All first life originated in the sea water. The fish is a birth in and from the water, and it stands patently as the generic type of organic life issuing out of inorganic! The fish typifies life embodied in a physical organic structure. Organic life is born out of the water, and is the first birth, child of the water-mother.

And if organic life is in turn to become mother, its child will be mind and spiritual consciousness, son of the fish-mother! In brief, water is the mother of natural physical being, and organic structure becomes the later mother of divine mind. Now, strangely enough, water is the type of another thing which is still more germinal of life, namely, matter. Matter is the virgin mother of all life in the aboriginal genesis. All things are generated in the womb of primordial matter, the "old genetrix" of Egyptian mythology.

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And it is by a consideration of the nature of matter and its evolution. For oddly enough, matter is seen to exist in two states, in each of which it becomes mother of life, at two different levels. Primordial matter, the sea of to us empty space, is the first mother of all living forms. This is the primal "abyss of the waters" in Genesis.

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  • The Latin word for "mother" is our very word "matter," with one "t" left out-- mater. And how close to mater is water! And organic structure is the second mother, parent of spiritual mind. The ancient books always grouped the two mothers in pairs.

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    They were called "the two mothers" or sometimes the "two divine sisters. Massey relates Neith to "net," i. Clues to their functions were picked up in the great Book of the Dead: " Isis conceived him; Nephthys gave him birth. The full sense of these statements was not discerned until they were scrutinized in the light of another key sentence which matched them: "Heaven conceived him; the Tuat brought him forth. For that which is to eventuate in the cycles of evolution as divine mind in an organic creature--man--is aboriginally conceived by divine ideation in the innermost depths of Cosmic Consciousness, or in the purely noumenal world, or again in the bosom of Infinite Spirit, where Spirit is identical with pure undifferentiated matter.

    This is mirrored in the Egyptian statement that Isis conceived him. Matter in its invisible, inorganic state was the womb of the first conception. Isis is virgin, i. The Tuat, on the other hand, is really earth, as the type of physical matter, or matter organic, aggregated into substantial forms, called by us physical matter. It is matter as substance, constituted and existent in the visible world in structural forms. Isis was matter subsistent as empty space, and Nephthys was atomic matter, constituent of visible structural forms.

    The physical worlds which we must now think of as floating in the sea of empty space like fish in the water, are the second form of matter, and their organic bodies of substantial matter give birth to the Logoi in the solar systems and to the Christos in man. So divine spirit is conceived in the womb of Isis, the first universal mother, and brought to birth in the womb of.

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    Nephthys, the second mother, the immediate incubator and gestator of its manifest expression. One might paraphrase this situation by saying that a human child is first conceived in the love, or mind, of its parents, and later born from the womb of its physical mother. Thus life has two births and must of necessity have two mothers.