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How do I hand my agribusiness to my heirs in a fair and equitable manner? * How do I pass Señorita · Avocat de la défense (SCIENCE HUM) (French Edition).
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Download e-book Avocat de la défense (SCIENCE HUM) (French Edition)

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Ready to Customize Your Vehicle? The law, introduced in , makes it illegal for anyone to cover their face in a public place. While it also covers balaclavas and hoods, the ban has been criticised as targeting Muslim women.

Avocat pénaliste

The case was brought by an unnamed year-old French citizen of Pakistani origin, who wears both the burqa, covering her entire head and body, and the niqab, leaving only her eyes uncovered. She was represented by solicitors from Birmingham in the UK, who claimed the outlawing of the full-face veil was contrary to six articles of the European convention. They argued it was "inhumane and degrading, against the right of respect for family and private life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of speech and discriminatory".

The French government asked the court to throw out the case, claiming that the law was not aimed at the burqa or veil but any covering of the face in a public place, and also applied to hoods and helmets when not worn on a motor vehicle. The court heard that out of an estimated five million Muslims living in France — the exact figure is unknown as it is illegal to gather data by religion or ethnic group — only about 1, women were estimated to be affected by the ban, according to research.

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French officials told the judges this figure had since dropped by half "thanks to a major public information campaign". Her lawyer Tony Muman told the ECHR last November: "She's a patriot" adding that she had suffered "absolutely no pressure" from her family or relatives to cover herself. While she was prepared to uncover her face for identity checks, she insisted on the right to wear the full-face veil, Muman said.

The European judges decided otherwise, declaring that the preservation of a certain idea of "living together" was the "legitimate aim" of the French authorities. Isabelle Niedlispacher, representing the Belgian government, which introduced a similar ban in and which was party to the French defence, declared both the burqa and niqab "incompatible" with the rule of law.

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